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Frequently asked questions

Are all your hand sanitisers anti-bacterial?

Yes, all our hand sanitiser products are anti-bacterial and kill 99.9% of germs. Our alcohol-based WHO vegan formulations are extremely effective against bacteria.

What are the differences between Ethanol and Isopropanol based hand sanitisers?

Our advanced alcohol-based formula effectively destroy many types of bacterial and viral cells. Ethanol is often used at concentrations of 70%, because higher concentrations evaporate too quickly, and lower concentrations aren’t as effective. Isopropanol evaporates at a constant rate, meaning it can be used at higher concentrations, and it is often found in antiseptic products.

Does your hand sanitiser work against Covid-19?

In the case of the newly discovered Covid-19 strain, scientists have yet to confirm whether alcohol-based hand sanitisers are 100% effective against the virus. However, we have tested our products successfully against other Coronavirus strains and the best practice, following WHO-advice, is that hand sanitisers remain the best form of defence against the virus and other bacteria.

What’s the difference between the Hand Rub and Gel Sanitisers?

Our Hand Rub formulation is a liquid solution that dries out rapidly and is compatible with spray bottles and hand pump dispensers, it is moisturising on your skin. Other hand Gels are a more viscous gel-based solution for your skin. Both serve the same purpose and are alcohol based.

I don’t know which hand sanitiser is best for me?

We offer a wide range of hand sanitiser products designed for every occasion. If you’re deciding which bottle type or size to choose, try thinking about when you’ll need it and how often you’ll use it. Our smaller, pocket-sized 30ml sprays and 55ml carabina bottles are perfect for use on the go. A medium sized 500ml Precision bottle packs more volume, ideal for office and home use. Or if you’re thinking of stocking up for refills, why not try our larger litre and 5 litre variants?

Can I order a regular supply for personal use, my business or an organisation?

Yes, we offer a tailored delivery service for all our customers. You choose how many bottles you want, when you want them by and how often you need them. We’ll do the rest. For more information about this service, please contact us at