For Schools, offices, hotels, retail or restaurants/bars/venues a new approach to hand sanitising solutions for your staff & customers. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted areas in which we, as a society must take further action ensure the safety and hygiene of your students, workforce, clients & patrons alike. With this at the forefront of our mind, Sqribbler is paving the way for easy to assemble aesthetically pleasing hand sanitising stations.

With the ability to be stationed anywhere, particularly areas that receive consistent volumes of foot traffic, our goal and yours should be to provide peace of mind and avoid potential risk where possible.


To achieve this we are offering a managed monthly service for business. Sqribbler will supply a Sanitising Station and a refillable bottle of our 75% Isopropyl hand sanitiser. We will then send you the sanitiser you require to meet your needs, this will be sent monthly or early if required if you let us know you are running short.

For further information contact one of our team at alternatively give us a call on 0161-775-3564 we are open Mon - Fri 9am until 5pm.

Benefit from the additional value and certainty of securing your Hand Sanitiser supplies under a Sqribbler Managed Service Monthly Subscription.

Our Managed Service guarantees your supply of 75% Vegan Hand Sanitiser is delivered to you every month.

How to subscribe

1  Pick your preferred Subscription from the our product range

Complete your Managed Service purchase (don't add any other products)

3  Once your first payment is received we will start your Managed Service, each delivery will be around the date of purchase thereafter (one calendar month)

For each remaining month of your Managed Service you will receive 2 litres of 5 Litre Vegan Hand Sanitiser.

A Managed Smart Service Subscription Plan is for a 3 Month minimum term.  

(If you require a additional products on a Smart managed subscription plan then please do not hesitate to get in touch)